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Our company offers the possibility to assemble a salt cave on premises chosen by you, assuring each of the Clients that it will be transformed into a magical interior. Unique aesthetic and microclimatic qualities created by the INM Company will enable you to spend pleasant and tranquil moments filled with both ease and relaxation.


>The Owner
of the company

Mrs Renata Dutkiewicz-Słowak has over 14 years of experience in building salt caves in Spa and Hotel Resorts as well as Swimming Complexes, Hot Thermal Baths or private residences and training centers all over Europe. Since 2005,  The INM Company  has successfully  completed  over 122 salt caves in European countries such as: Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

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>INM Company

Al. Na Stadion  61
25-127 Kielce,  Poland

Helena Peelen


+32 489 618 688

+32 484 057 399

>INM Salt Cave Industry CO.LTD - China

Owen Chen 陈立东, Shanghai


+86 136 3636 0420 

+86 36 3636 0420 

>INM Salt Cave OÜ

Laeva tn 2, Tallinn 10111,
Harju Country, Estonia

Mateusz Wójcik



+86 185 1604 6166


>The Netherlands, Belgium

Helena Peelen
GM Group

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Agnieszka Dajtrowska

+43 67 65 95 55 50 


Karolina Anna Kisielińska

+34 650 401 446 

Marek Chalat - Osiecki

+34 646 934 444

All enquiries should be sent to our office address: office@saltcave.pl

>United Arab Emirates

Anna Chlewicka-Zwierzyk

+48 607 668 843


Mateusz Wójcik

+86 185 1604 6166 

Owen Chen 陈立东

+86 136 3636 0420 


Anil Dutta

+9198 18558681 


>AYLA company - Jordania

Internationally, we are investing in Mining and Pharmaceutics in Africa, and locally we produce and market a variety of dead sea products such as: Industrial mineral salt, natural skin care materials, agriculture minerals.

>World of Mosaic - India

We specialize in making Landscaping Products such as: Water Body Mosaics in Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass, FRP Planters & Jaalis Polycrete Tiles, Wood Plastic Composites for Decking and Interior Designing Products