When you entrust a room with a floor surface area of about 100 m² (recommended) or 50 m² (minimum) to our company, within the allotted time (from four to six weeks), we will transform it into a chamber made completely of the Dead Sea salt - the salt widely used in cosmetics. For private investors it is possible to make smaller salt caves.

From our experience, we know that the optimal space is 50 square meters, where 10 armchairs for the visitors might be placed.

Each salt cave is designed individually, starting from the graphic design based on the expectation and wishes of the Client and on the available space in the hotel, Spa, gym or even a conference room or a bedroom.

Each space may be adapted for the salt cave.

We change unused space - dark, irregular or narrow - into a magical one generating money.


Various models of co-operation

Individual clients | Business model

Clients getting revenue from selling entrance tickets to salt caves.
Usually, the owners of the salt caves sell therapeutic packages or individual tickets for the visitors. It might be a 45-minute session daily, or longer sessions at night, or the therapeutic packages, the longer time of stay, the better results.


The salt cave might work
on the 24-hour base


Each investment
implemented by the
company brings profit


Incredible money
return cycle


The return on investment
takes 1.5-2 years

> You do not need to invest your own money to get income from salt cave.

However, the company is also open to share the cost (even 50%) if sharing the income later.



No other company offers this particular system of the Dead Sea salt panels, protected by the patent in which the walls and floor of the cave are built without the use of additional bonding materials.

We use only natural materials: salt and wood.


Both cave walls and floor are built of the Dead Sea salt. Additionally its floor is covered with several inches of the therapeutic rock salt from the Klodawa mine. The ceiling resembles the magical caves with salt stalactites hanging from above.

The illumination is exceptional thanks to a combination of warm and cool colours. It enables the visitors to relax and soothe their nerves. The air in the cave is saturated with the minerals and elements, and the proper circulation is maintained due to a special air-conditioning and ventilation system. A session in a salt cave has a beneficial influence on our well-being and provides the visitors with energy and vitality.

Please, pay attention to the construction of the cave before buying it. On the market there are many companies that use slight amount of salt for cave production (eg, on the market there are caves built of gypsum, where superficial walls are covered only with a thin layer of salt) compensating the luck of natural salty environment by a mill that sprays salt. Invasive salt absorption may cause irritation of the eyes or upper respiratory.

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